Onyx Nova Air C Color 7.8″ on-cell Kaleido Plus 3GB Ram 32GB Android 11 Ebook Reader

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  • E Ink Carta Plus 7.8" Screen
  • MOON Light 2 frontlight system
  • Android 10.0 Operating System
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ONYX BOOX Nova Air is an e-book reader with an increased screen diagonal and high resolution. The model has a 7.8-inch E Ink Carta Plus screen with double touch controls, the MOON Light 2 front light system, support for the SNOW Field function and Asahi protective glass. The stylus that comes with the device allows you not only to take notes in a separate application, but also directly in the text of documents. The body of the reader is made of magnesium alloy, which makes it lightweight and durable. The NOVA Air model is based on the Android 10.0 operating system which allows you to use various third-party applications and makes the device more multipurpose. Thanks to the increased screen diagonal and double touch control, the e-reader will be an ideal choice for those who read fiction books and work with technical documents. Screen frontlight system The MOON Light 2 technology enables one to use the device in the dark or under poor lighting conditions. When this function is in use, soft luminescence of the screen comfortable for reading in dark rooms is being generated. It also has a color temperature control and, thanks to the use of Flicker-Free technology, the front-light system is perfectly smooth. Enlarged screen diagonal The ONYX BOOX Nova Air screen, enlarged up to 7.8 inches, displays 68% more information than similar 6″ screens. At the same time, the device is compact enough for comfortable use during trips and travel. Double sensor control The Nova Air has two sensor layers. A multi-touch capacitive layer is located above the screen surface . You can page e-books and zoom documents with intuitive two-finger movements . In addition, the Wacom sensor layer is located under the E Ink panel. Thanks to this, you can make notes on the margins and sketches using a special stylus which comes with the device. The stylus recognizes 2048 degrees of pressure and allows you to draw with extreme accuracy. Outstanding technical specifications The 8-core processor with 1.8 GHz clock rate and 3 GB of RAM ensures comfortable work with difficult documents. And 32 GB of nonvolatile memory allows the user to store a whole library. Format support The BOOX software allows the user to open files of various text and graphic formats. When reading you can change font style and size, disposition of pages, insert bookmarks, add your own fonts and zoom documents at will. Dictionaries The book’s software allows you to install additional dictionary databases in the Stardict format at your wish or to download offered dictionaries automatically when you connect to Wi-Fi in the dictionary settings. Additional screen protection Protective glass from a well-known Japanese manufacturer ASAHI is placed over the E Ink screen and protects it from scratches and other damages. The new glass made it possible to abandon additional frame edges, so the screen is located flush with the body of the device. It makes the work with the e-reader more comfortable and its look more up-to-date. In addition, a special coating reduces the likelihood of glare on the screen. Long-lasting work Low power consumption of the E-Ink display and battery capacity of 2000 mAh provides long-lasting autonomous work. Display E Ink Carta Plus, 7.8″ touch (inductive + capacitive), resolution 1872 ?? 1404, 300 ppi, 16 shades of grey, with the SNOW Field function Frontlight MOON Light 2 RAM 3 GB Internal memory 32 GB Supported file formats TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2, FB2.zip, DOC, DOCX, PRC, MOBI, CHM, PDB, EPUB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, DjVu, MP3, WAV, CBR, CBZ Operating system Android 10.0 Size 194 ?? 136.5 ?? 6.3 mm Weight 235 gr

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Onyx Nova Air C Color 7.8" on-cell Kaleido Plus 3GB Ram 32GB Android 11 Ebook Reader

Onyx Nova Air C Color 7.8" on-cell Kaleido Plus 3GB Ram 32GB Android 11 Ebook Reader

$689.00$758.00 (-9%)

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